Posted: 2012/11/03 in Webcomics
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So, I’m really excited to announce that I’m not really drowning in work so apparently I have more time to work on my comic yes?I don’t really know but I just released CHAPTER 2 PAGE 7!!~~ I’m really excited that I’ve stayed with my comic this far!

I have another comic that I’m writing called KEEPERS and its a shounen. Since I’m ahead with my comic (*cough cough*) I’m just gonna write some more in that comic because its completely filled with ACTION!!~ I’m a  girl and all but I love me some action when I can draws it. In fact I’m do excited for Call of Duty Black OPS II, Assassin’s Creed III, and HALO 4. All the good games are coming out now! I’m so happy! But its cool cuz at least I’m not tired all the time anymore.

I literally was falling asleep in my classes because I was so busy all the time and had to only sleep 4 hours a day. May the force be with me!






Your Dearest Tsuki-chan


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